5 more books to get you through the holidays

Now that Christmas is all unwrapped and tidied away, we bring you 5 more books to take you through the hazy cloud of New Year and on to 2014

1. The Hangover cure

If the Bucks Fizz, the Prosecco and the Eggnog has been flowing a little too freely this Christmas and you want to take a break between now and New Year’s Eve. For the sore headed and bleary eyed we recommend:

The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Give your liver a break by reading about the hedonism of New York in the 1920’s. If you loved Fitzgerald’s later novel The Great Gatsby you will no doubt adore this exploration of youth, money, and more alcohol than you can imagine. It’s all the delights of an extravagant party without any of the consequences.

2.  The musical accompaniment

If your tolerance for peppy Christmas jingles has officially hit its limit and overly cheery carollers now fear your perfected “Get away from my front door,” stare then maybe you need a little change of tempo.

For you music lovers we recommend:

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon

IMG_101500Behind the action of life in North Oakley and California lies a soundtrack of smooth jazz. If you are a vinyl obsessive and a lover of old school record stores, then the backdrop of this novel will make you rush to your local music hub before you can even close the book.

3. For the uncertain future

As 2013 rolls to a close and yet another year approaches you may begin to hear the familiar questions popping up in conversations, “So what are your plans for the future? Have you decided on what you want to study after you finish you A Levels? How’s the job hunt going?”

Unfortunately it is not socially acceptable to simply slap these unwanted humans  and so for you and your pain we recommend:

I Left My Tent in San Francisco by Emma Kennedy

IMG_1014A shining example of the amount of life to be lived on an unplanned adventure. If you don’t have any answers to the questions being asked and simply say “San Francisco. I am going to San Francisco.”

4. The undiscovered bookworm

You’ve made it clear that you’re more of a TV and movie fan but for some reason people keep giving you books at Christmas. You smiled and said thank you after you unwrapped the pile of paper and ink because you are not an ass-hole and someone went to the trouble of thinking of you. Hell maybe you will pick one of them up over Christmas.

For you we recommend:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

IMG_1016If there is another book that demonstrates the importance of books and reading as poetically as Zusak does here then we haven’t heard of it. If that’s not enough to keep you interested it also has Nazi’s, book burning and death to enthral you. With the film adaptation being released in the UK in 2014, you won’t want to miss out on the depth of Liesel’s struggle through life.

and finally…

5. For wizards and muggles alike 

You may, like so many potterheads still be waiting on you Hogwarts acceptance letters to arrive and maybe 2014 will finally be he year it does (although probably not).

For all of you who are holding hope we recommend:

Harry Potter (all seven of them) by JK Rowling


Because it’s awesome, and let’s face it the Christmas break is the only time you have to binge read the entire series…until the stage play is release, and the new movie comes out.