5 books for surviving the holidays

There comes a time for everyone over the holidays where everything becomes too much and you need to go and find a quiet corner to escape. Be it hiding from overly inquisitive relatives, overachieving siblings, or you’ve accidentally ruined Christmas by setting fire to the turkey – Hey it happens – then we have the perfect Christmas reads for your situation.

1. The over achieving sibling

Breaking from school or university for Christmas is eagerly awaited by people across the country. But for any child with an outstanding sibling the holidays can be tough. Whilst you may be proud of your merit in the first exam of the year, the distinction gained by your sibling is all the family can talk about.  It’s not that you are bad at everything, it’s just that they seem good at everything, and they don’t even seem to try.

For you we recommend: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

#olk#;lkNo matter how much your siblings may drive you crazy, these two sisters will beat your competitive nature hands down. If the imagery of beautiful palaces, juicy royal romance, and deathly betrayal don’t calm your envious spirit then at least you can imagine your sibling as the Anne Boleyn to your Mary. Try to keep the beheading to a minimum though.

2. The lovesick

Yes you’ve met the person who makes you feel all gooey and impairs your ability to act like a rational human, but tragically you have been separated by family responsibilities.

To heal your temporarily broken heart we recommend: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

IMG_1011To remind you that love can overcome a great many number of things and that your temporary separation will be completely forgotten once you are reunited.

3. For the hungry person in need of food

Dinner was supposed to be ready an hour ago. Over and over again a kind if thoughtless aunt has smacked your hand away from the Pavlovian bell ringing mince pies, with the promise that food would be ready very soon. She has lied to you and now she must be punished.

For you hungry fellows we recommend: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

IMG_1012Imagining your family members as tributes will take away any adverse feelings you had toward them when they were denying you food. The lack of food mentioned in the book won’t make you any more hungry than you are, and you will be all caught up for the next Hunger Games film. Perfect.

4. The Philanthropist 

The Christmas period makes you all aglow with your love of your fellow man. Just the spirit of the season makes you more generous than the previous 111 months combined. Maybe it’s the brandy, maybe it’s the carol singers, maybe it’s the inhalation of fumes as you walk past the perfume counters looking for last minute presents. Whatever the reasons, you always end up thinking of others at Christmas.

For you, you very good human being we recommend: Stuart a Life Backwards by Alexander Masters

IMG_1010The story of a very unique man and a very unique friendship in Cambridge. This book will change the way you look at homelessness throughout the UK. If nothing else, I guarantee that you will attempt to make convict curry at least once over Christmas.

5. The Adventurer 

Being trapped in a house for long periods of time is really not your thing. You would rather be climbing Kilimanjaro or sand surfing in a sweeping desert, just you and your adventurous spirit against the elements.

We sympathise with your insatiable wanderlust and so we recommend: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R Tolkien

IMG_1013Great news, you can find escape from the boredom of staying inside by going on a adventure with Frodo, Samwise Gamgee and the rest of the  fellowship. Travel with them as they journey across Middle Earth experiencing fantastical situations that allow you to feel twice the excitement with none of the danger.

Are there any books that you use to escape during the holidays. Let us know what books you love and why you love them and they could end up in another top list very soon.

Happy Holidays

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